Universal Talents. Scam or Legit?

Universal Talents:  Fake? Scam? or the new UBER for music artists?

Read my post and learn more about this new platform.

Last week I discovered this platform as alternative to Soundcloud.

My history begin in Napoli, Italy. (Yes Im a young italian living in UK since 2015, apologies if my english is not the best) In my life I have been through many agencies, good, bad, scams… so I’m good at detecting this sort of thing


A little intro about me:
Since childhood I have always felt attracted to music, my mother works as lawyer  and my father was a music teacher. It sounds cliche but in these circumstances it is normal that ended up in my hands guitars, keyboards, a violin, percussion elements …

16 years and already had an indie band, at 20 I was interested in the electronic and experimental music, Ableton, Massive, Nexus … typical.

Currently work while studying in a night club putting my mixes and occasionally taking some original mix, I combine my life with music.
From Netherlands:  Universal talents,  pleasantly surprise.

Melkweg, Amsterdam; The MAX; Volle zaal tijdens Gogol Bordello

My first idea was to take a look at the web. My first surprise, they support a wide range of musical genres. Cool website, it looks pretty complete and professional. A roster of artists with some big names. Handle many events in Europe, USA, Canada and Australia almost everything. Blog talk about electronic music, hip-hop, bands, but mostly, about Talent.

(Khamari Cover, awesome voice)


By the way they have a FAQ section which explains everything:

FAQ: http://universaltalents.com/faq.php

The first look was very good but we never must trust.


So… I did some search before and no warnings except a false positive that ended up being an American agency of Wayne, New Jersey for models and actresses with a similar name.

Checking  reviews on sitejabber: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/www.universaltalents.com

Checking  reviews on trustpilot: https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/universaltalents.com

I took a look on twiter: https://twitter.com/UniversTalents

Good comments on twitter: https://twitter.com/search?q=universal%20talents&src=typd

And finally  on reddit.


I had some doubts but after my research I can say: UniversalTalents is  legit, well organized, serious people, personal and friendly treatment  (Dutch style) and the most important: No cost involved. I was surprised that although they are in Holland handle many events almost anywhere in the world, we could say that is the uberizacion music, a concept that could go very well. For example, a producer may contact a singer to end a project and this has never been easier.

Link to the roster: http://universaltalents.com/roster.php
Link to events: http://universaltalents.com/event.php


My review:

Today it is almost impossible to stand out in music scene, so part of my time is dedicated to ensure my stuff ends in the ear of the right people.

I joined  one week ago and I increased about 30 listeners/week but I guess someone really good can benefit much more than me and go to the next step in their career, or otherwise get a chance to perform in some event or perhaps stand out and get something with some powerful label . Not bad for a platform without cost, much better than reverbnation in that sense.


See you guys!